• 2018 was so full of ups and downs… It was challenging but also rewarding, I am so incredibly expectant for 2019 and I can’t wait to share it with you!

  1. preach to yourself launch team


I was so incredibly honored when I was on the launch team for Hayley Morgans first book that she wrote with Jess Connolly. So you can imagine how grateful I was to be on the launch team for Preach to Yourself her newest book, if you haven’t read it then please pick it up! Maybe we should do a Read Along!

2. sharing more of my heart & art


Sharing more of my creative side, in very very small ways was also one of my favorite parts of last year. One of my goals for 2019 is to share more.

3. meeting john crist


I bought my ticket to John Crist in September and as time got closer I got more and more nervous about going (social anxiety bro….) But my Dad stepped up to the plate, said that he would go with me, so we went! It was so much fun, he is so much more funny in person than he is online which is really something cause this dude is a hoot on the sosh meeds!!

4. loving me & knowing me


This is something that I will be sharing a lot more about in 2019, my health journey, my spiritual journey and I can’t wait for you to hear and hope that it helps you!