| the underground railroad by Colson Whitehead

This award winning , soon to be Amazon Prime Limited Series, alternate history of the Underground Railroad is my first read of 2019.


Let’s get this out of the way first, I thought that the Railroad, which in this book is an actual underground rail system fell slightly short and was also somewhat unnecessary, however it did paint an interesting picture and wasn’t so fantastical a portrait of an underground railroad that it took you out of the story.

The characters though!!!! Cora, the main character is a brilliant work! Complex, brilliant and strong I can not wait to see what the Amazon series brings! I think that’s all I will say about the characters, I didn’t know much about them going in and I think that is best. Colson Whitehead has crafted an awing portrait of a violent, shameful part of our nations history, a portrait that is thought provoking, but not densely written so that almost anyone could read it and you should!

I gave this book a 4 on my goodreads!

The Underground Railroad is a book about slavery and I think a very true portrait, however that does mean that it includes at times very graphic descriptions of violence and talk of sexual abuse, as well a contextual and historically accurate language.