| 2018 in worship songs

Welcome to my best of the best 2018, worship songs that I completely loved in 2018! In no particular order and without further (that thing you say that I can’t remember … if you remember fill this in later…)


  • prophesy your promise

    I love this song, actually I really loved this whole album and thought they did a really great job. Prophesy your Promise just really stood out above the rest!


“When I only see in part I will prophesy Your promise I believe You, God Cause You finish what You start
I will trust You in the process I believe You, God”

  • cover the earth

    I’m usually not the biggest fan of Kari Jobe, but I love this track. I think the best songs that she’s done recently are the ones she does with her hubs Cody Carnes!


“Let the Spirit rise up, let it break through the walls
And beat down the doors, and crash through the windows
And cover the earth, the earth, the earth, the earth”

  • lamentations

    boy howdy at the year Jackie Hill Perry had last year. Released a totally kicked butt album, had a baby , released a book and spoke all over the place. Again this was an album that I loved everything and it was a huge toss up between this one and Woman but this one won out!


“I need the shepherd, the staff, the valley
The shadow to pass me
The second Adam
The Alpha
And the pasture to grab me
I need help”

  • gabriel’s message

    So not exactly a new song, more of a cover!! But HOLY CRAP this song is so cinematic, it takes me to the story vividly everytime!


“Then gentle Mary meekly bowed her head
"To me be as it pleaseth God, " she said,
"My soul shall laud and magnify His holy name."
Most highly favored lady, Gloria, Gloria”

  • teresa

    So I love Audrey Assad’s music, this song was written with Mother Teresa in mind and it just so very deep, and meaningful! I love!!


“So I reach out my hands to find You where You have been hiding
Maybe I'll see You deep in the eyes of the dying”


“And should the fire that once burned bright
Become an ember my eyes can't see
I will remember Your sacrifice
I will abide in Your love for me”

  • psalm 23 (i am not alone)

    Song most likely to give me the best kind of goosebumps and also want to join a choir (**rolls eyes I can’t with choir I’m sorry if you are a choir person it’s just not for me)


“He always guides me
Through mountains and valleys
His joy is refreshing
Restores my soul”

  • surrounded (fight my battles)

    Song most likely to make me get up and do liturgical tae-bo (it’s like punch dancing but Holy…)


“It may look like I'm surrounded but I'm surrounded by You”

  • blackout

    Song most likely to make me pretend that I am in the music video and make me want to dye my hair red again…


“I ride the dawn
It's in the name I was given
Can't get away from the meaning
I'll always rise, I'll always shine”

  • pain and grace

    Song that I actually play while in the car and pull over and cry ALL THE TEARS…


“The pain it was worth You know it better
Time was not lost You know it better
I'm here in the silence
Waiting for the moment coming
When you'll walk in and change my mind”